Cash Pay Pricing Disclaimer: 

NOTE: If you are scheduled for surgery and you are intend to file insurance, the prices listed on this website DO NOT apply to you. The prices identified on our website apply to only those patients who do not have insurance and are seeking a cash pay option for surgery. In order to receive these cash pay prices for your surgical procedure, you must agree to prepay in advance the full amount.  You acknowledge and agree to the provisions in this Disclaimer in addition to other terms applicable.

Our goal is for the surgery or procedure price to be as transparent as possible, so you as the healthcare consumer can make the most informed decision about your surgery options. The cash pay prices listed below only apply to patients who agree to pay the entire fee in advance, prior to the surgery and are not submitting claims to any insurance provider. We are able to offer these prices due to the lack of expense in processing and collecting on claims as well as the absence of risk for non-payment.

Multiple procedure discounts are offered. The largest procedure will be charged at full price, any subsequent procedures will be charged at 50% of the transparent schedule.

The prices for the procedures listed on this website includes the following:

  • Sunset Ridge Surgery Center Fees – Pre-Op, Operating Room and Recovery Areas
  • Physician/Surgeon’s Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees

Your physician may require a $200 initial consultation fee. This $200 initial consultation fee is not applied to the total cost of the procedure. If surgery is not recommended, the surgeon will retain the $200 as the consultation fee. These fees will be paid directly to the surgeon’s practice.

Much of uncomplicated follow-up care by the physician is included in the Cash Pay Price listed below. The duration of post-operative care varies depending on the surgical procedure as well as the surgeon.  The surgeon will inform you at the initial consultation the amount of post-operative care covered by the price on the Transparent Fee schedule. 

A list of what is NOT included in the surgical fee is as follows:

  • Any necessary diagnostic studies prior to the surgery such as lab work, MRI, and/or X-rays, or other diagnostic imaging.
  • Any cultures or pathology sent to LabCorp
  • Certain Implants, hardware, and tissue products
  • 23-hour Overnight Observation/Extended Stay
  • Additional procedures deemed medically necessary during surgery
  • Consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management
  • Non-standard/extended post-operative care
  • Cast shoes, slings, walking boots, and other durable medical equipment
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation after the surgery
  • Long-term acute care and rehabilitation care facilities
  • Lodging and travel expenses.
  • Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of surgery and discharge from the facility.
  • Transfer to an emergent facility due to medical and/or surgical status changes at the discretion of the health professionals 

Copies of invoices for any hardware or implants necessary for the completion of the surgical procedure (ex. plates, screws, anchors, tissue, and prosthetic devices) will be provided, following the patient’s written request. Implants will be provided to you at cost plus 10% for taxes and shipping.

The list of procedures set forth below is a partial list of the procedures available in this all-inclusive model. If the procedure that your surgeon intends to perform is not listed, please contact the facility at (702) 445-6993. The prices listed below are non-negotiable and can only be extended to those who can make full payment at the time of service. Payment arrangements for incremental invoicing for the total costs are not available.